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by seby   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:08 PM

I searched many plugins but I don't really know what to use and I want some recomandations from you.

Here is what I want to do:

1 – [Seller] load a product in my shop – set a pre-sale time (2 weeks for example)

2 – [Customer] buy the product, but he will not pay until pre-sale time is over

3 – If the product sales at the end of pre-sale time are more than 50, all customers are notified to pay

4 – the [Seller] receive x % per sold product automatically (or manually by me) only if pre-sale limit is hit

5 – The commissions to the [Seller] are sent by credit card (NO PayPal)

6 – only me, the [Owner], can administrate the product status – Pending- Completed etc

I want some plugins combination that can suit my needs and works perfectly together. (Ex. for 1 you need [link] , for 3 ..etc)


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