User RBAC and billing with microservices | Node.js

by Josh Kirby   Last Updated June 07, 2019 23:05 PM

I am working on a SaaS product that utilizes a microservice architecture and I am starting now to think more about my user system and payments. I plan to have 4 levels of plans (free and 3 paid).

My question comes in how do I design a user and payment system that can handle the different plan levels but also different account permissions that can be set by my customers. By that I mean there will be a company admin who then creates accounts for their employees who have roles assigned to them.

Was that since I already have an API gateway that I would do some processing there since as part of the API gateway I get the user's information and I send it along with the request to my backend services.

I have not seen much online for people talking about how to handle this kind of thing. I can only find stuff about passport.js (I'm using Node.js) and mostly just basic setups with no billing nor anything like that.

I was thinking that a separate billing system would make the most sense but then I have to tie the multiple databases together or have another service that runs with access to my user DB.

I am a bit lost on how to do this as I have never designed a system like this before and since it is a personal project, not a work project one, I have no one that I can ask so hoping this is the right stack exchange place.

My payment processor is going to be Stripe since I have worked with them before and quite like their docs and ease of use. So no worries about trying to create the wheel again.

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