Routing of news items not working as expected

by Clements Radenborg   Last Updated December 04, 2018 16:10 PM

I have a business site ( with multiple "business units" (Inspiratie & Advies, Onderwijs, MKB, etc). I have one custom-made template with a template style for each unit.

I do use one SEO top menu structure with system links to avoid duplicate content.

Below all business units there is a menu-item (specific for that unit) called "Nieuws" which is a category blog using a specific tag for that business unit. So all news-items have the category "News" and a tag for the specific unit.

The news module uses the same selection of a category and a tag, which works fine. Also the menu item shows only articles with tag and category. My problem is that when opening a specific news item from the module on the frontpage, it will allways open in the menu under "Inspiratie & Advies", even though the item has a tag for another unit.

If you want to check, go to and select a news-item in the upper module. It will bring you tou the I&A Frontpage, even though there is also a Category blog menu item with the tag Onderwijs under that part of the menu.

Am I missing something or is this by design?

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