how to use lu scripting in haproxy to dynamically change values in haproxy.cfg?

by Vignesh Swaminathan   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:00 PM


frontend http-in
    mode    http


    acl path-page-designer              path_beg -i $PATH
    use_backend page-designer-backend   if path-page-designer

backend page-designer-backend
    mode    http

    option  httplog
    option  forwardfor

    server  appserver1$PORT

How can I dynamically change the values of $PATH and $PORT using lu script?Can someone show me an example of an lu script for this haproxy.cfg?I will me invoking this script using a command line script with all the application specific values as parameter from my azure pipeline configuration.But for this i need to know how a sample script for this will look like.I mean need a basic idea to get me started.Plz help

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