High performance application with asynchronous persistence

by Milkmaid   Last Updated July 12, 2019 08:05 AM

Web Application with huge amount of data (SQL REL DB) (not big in terms of memory < 2GB)


  • Fast calculation of the figures from data (Already cached from database and refreshed with any change done by whom ever)
  • Creating scenario (sandbox) from current data or from existing scenario (duplicating data in DB - takes long time)
  • Persist scenarios, updates in scenarios
  • Data are same for all instances (Currently 2 servers)

I am looking for solution as follow:

2 separate data source > one in memory and one in database

  • users work with in memory data (calculation, changes, duplicate for scenario)
  • after change in memory the persist into database is done asynchronously
  • User can store scenario (into DB) and load on demand into memory


  • Speed of operations
  • No limitation from user perspective


  • If server crash or any error appear some data not going to be persisted
  • Synchronization of data in memory between servers

Do you know about any 3rd party software (Java EE) which solving this problem with asynchronous database persistence?

Do you see any problem with proposed solution in general?

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