Considering how popular "UX" is, why is the internet such a bad experience?

by lamps92   Last Updated May 10, 2019 10:16 AM

I don't think anybody here can actually agree the state of internet right now is a more enjoyable experience for users than it was a few years ago, here is how going to read a simple article/blog post usually goes these days

  1. Click clickbait title to read article
  2. Website loads, requests whether you want browser notifications (no, never)
  3. Cookies policy pops-up, asks for you to confirm your preferences
  4. You read for 3 seconds and then a pop-up appears, asking if you want to subscribe to their newsletter

Obviously the latter points are more specific towards journalism and blogs on todays web, but the point stands - browsing the web infuriates me more often than not these days.

Question is, how do we - as a collective, fix this? GDPR has obviously not helped matters but there is surely a better way than having to accept unique cookie policies across every site you come across?

Just wondering what other peoples ideas are or what plug-ins / apps they've found to help (Brave browser has made steps in blocking unwanted pop-ups/cookies but its still not perfect)

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