Can I use non-modified GPL libraries/softwares in my proprietary program without open sourcing the whole product?

by Devashish   Last Updated April 29, 2018 11:05 AM

There is a lot of confusion regarding GPL licencing. I read a couple of answers and am still not sure about this. Suppose I am creating a commercial download manager which I am not planing to open source. I want ClamAV (GPL licensed) to be used as antivirus to scan files after downloading. I just want to ship the ClamAV Windows builds with my software, without modifying and recompiling the source code of the AV in anyway. I am writing my downloader in Java and the plan is to package the antivirus in a jar and then extract while installing the DM. After that, AV will sit on users computer and can be used for whatever purpose the user wants, independently of the DM. Does GPL allow that?

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